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Located in Fargo, ND, Northern Pipe Products is proud to supply PVC pipe to the municipal water, rural water, wastewater, well casing, plumbing and irrigation markets throughout the Midwestern United States and Canada. Since 1979, Northern Pipe Products has focused on manufacturing the highest quality PVC pipe while providing a level of service second to none.

Northern Pipe Products manufactures the following PVC pipe products:

    • ANSI/AWWA C900 Water Distribution Pipe (4” – 12” diameter)
    • ANSI/AWWA C900 Water Transmission Pipe (14” – 24” diameter)
    • ASTM D3034 Sewer Pipe (4” – 15” diameter)
    • ASTM F679 Sewer Pipe (18” – 24” diameter)
    • ASTM D2241 IPS Pressure Pipe (3/4” – 12” diameter)
    • ASTM D1785 Schedule 40 Pressure Pipe (3/4” – 12” diameter)
    • ASTM F480 Well Casing Pipe (2” – 16” diameter)
    • ASTM D2665 Drain, Waste, Vent Pipe (1 ¼” – 12” diameter)
    • ASTM D2729 Drainage Pipe (4” and 6” diameter)
    • ASTM F758 and AASHTO M278 Highway Underdrain Pipe (4” and 6” diameter)

All products are manufactured and tested to the applicable standards and specifications defined by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and/or ASTM. In addition to Northern Pipe’s vigorous internal quality assurance procedures, Northern Pipe Products is listed by the following nationally recognized third-party testing agencies. These agencies routinely inspect the Northern Pipe Products plant and test finished pipe.

    • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
    • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)
    • Factory Mutual (FM)
    • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
    • International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

Northern Pipe Products is a Varistar Company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Otter Tail Corporation. Otter Tail Corporation (OTTR) is publicly traded on the NASDAQ.